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Retirement Savings By Age


The question, “How Much Do I Need to Retire?” certainly makes for an attention-grabbing headline. And we get it. It’s a very frequently asked question and we’ve even published an article with that exact headline. But if you’re expecting to read that article and get a definitive answer to that question that includes a retirement savings by age breakdown, that’s not what you’ll find.

Unfortunately, a lot of people try to do back-of-the-hand math or use a retirement calculator to get the quickest answer possible to how much they should have in retirement savings by age. They’ll get an answer, but it won’t be correct. Why? Because your retirement savings be age goals and how much you need to retire can vary based on several different factors. Those factors include your goals, lifestyle, age, income, health, market volatility, inflation, interest rates, tax rates hikes, etc.

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