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How many people listen to podcast?

  • As of 2022, according to the Infinite Dial, 62% of Americans will have listened to a podcast ever in their lives. This is an estimated 177 million Americans and an increase from 57%, the percentage of the same statistic in 2021.
  • From this figure, 38% of Americans listened to a podcast in the last month and 26% in the last week.
  • These are large numbers considering Insider Intelligence estimates that only around 424 million people are podcast listeners worldwide.


Why Advertise with Us?

Because it works. Again over 177 million people in the U.S. listen to podcasts each month. And when you talk to them, they pay attention. But this isn’t just about the stats.

It’s about the content! We are creating content on a personal level to capture the listeners’ attention, empower them with knowledge, and satisfy their curiosities. Over time, our radio listeners have developed a uniquely trusting relationship with our content, host, and partners so with our new podcast network we will be able to deliver an intimate and engaging relationship.

Whether you’re a current client with Carroll Broadcasting Company or a new client, our new podcast network advertising will deliver a unique way to reach your customers and build your brand.


Exclusive Podcast Sponsor  $350/mo

Choose a Podcast that is available for sponsorship and receive an exclusive advertising package that partners with their content.

  • :30 Pre-Roll  Ad for each episode
  • 970×90 exclusive banner on selected podcast page & rotating banner sitewide
  • 300×250 rotating banner sitewide


Network Sponsor  $200/mo

Choose this advertising package if you don’t have a specific podcast you would like to sponsor but would like to advertise your business on a rotating basis with other network sponsors.

  • :15 Pre-Roll  Ad for open episodes
  • 300×250 rotating banner sitewide