About Us

What Is CB Podcast Network?

CB Podcast Network is a collection of different shows/content that we or our affiliates have produced, distributed over the airwaves, and now made into podcast episodes to extend the life of the content so it becomes readily available for sharing on social media and other podcast platforms. The number of shows are growing so stay connected/subscribe as we onboard new shows from our local personalities, business clients, and local podcasters in our area.

CB Podcast Network started out as an idea to present businesses a platform so they can tell their story, build their brand, and engage with current and potential customers in a meaningful way. Our vision is to create a space where community leaders, community organizations, non-profits, and business owners can create great content while having a great time do it. And at Carroll Broadcasting Company we are in constant dialogue with our client for how we can help them drive traffic and awareness for their business on our local radio stations and now we can help them build their brand and gain more customer engagement as a compliment to their marketing or as a stand alone marketing tool. Carroll Broadcasting Company owns the brand CB Podcast Network.

Who Listens To Podcasts?

  • 50% of monthly U.S. podcast listeners are aged between 12-34, 43% between 35 and 54 years old, and 22% are aged over 55.
  • In 2019, around half of monthly podcast listeners had a full-time job(51%), 17% of whom have a household income between $100K-$150K. 28% have a university degree.

How Often Do People Listen to Podcasts?

  • The 26% of Americans who listened to podcasts in the last week listened to an average of 8 podcasts throughout the week.
  • In 2019, a report revealed that 22% percent of podcast fans listen to over 22 hours of podcasts a week!
  • The same report revealed that 35% listen to more than 10 different shows per month.